Venture Industries

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Venture Industries

Venture Compound.png

The Venture Compound
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

Venture Industries is the privately held company founded by Jonas Venture Sr. and passed along to his son Thaddeus. Years later half went to Jonas. Built on the marvelous inventions Jonas Sr. created, the company thrived before Thaddeus S. Venture took over. It seems like Thaddeus is training Dean Venture in science so that someday he will take over the reins of the company.


[edit] Venture Compound

The home of Venture Industries, the Venture Compound is on a massive piece of land that includes a full-service runway for aircraft of all types, numerous hangars for storage, living quarters for the Ventures, training facilities, spacious grounds, moving walkways, and, of course, Dr. Venture's lab, to name a few features. What used to be the Advanced Arachnid Research Lab was renovated as a rental property, which now houses Dr. Byron Orpheus and The Alchemist. In The Doctor is Sin, Dr. Henry Killinger helped breathe life into the long-defunct industrial center of the Compound as part of his arrangement with Dr. Venture, though only for a few glorious hours.

[edit] Projects

[edit] Oo Ray

A weapon Rusty showcased at a UN peace conference in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay. It melts matter, while emitting an "Oooo" sound. The applications are limitless. If it ever fell into the wrong hands it could possibly be modified and used as a weapon after a fashion.

[edit] Gargantua-1

See main article: Gargantua-1

Space station designed by Jonas Sr. and built by Venture Industries.

[edit] X-1

See main article: X-1

Experimental jet built by Venture Industries.

[edit] X-2

Experimental boat given to Jonas Jr. by Thaddeus as part of a property split.

[edit] X-3

An armored submarine kept in the Venture Compound & taken by the 7th Generation of Dean & Hank clones, into their father.

[edit] Metasonic Locator

Underwater salvage device created by Thaddeus to find and exploit an earlier spacecraft created by Jonas Sr..

[edit] Teleporter

Begun by Jonas, Jr as a governmental contract. Dr. Venture attempted to use it in it's incomplete form, only to have his body split into numerous pieces in random locations.

[edit] Vacuum Boom-Vroom

A vacuum created by Dr. Venture, which he was unable to find buyers for.

[edit] Venturestein Project

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A re-animation project focusing on cheap labor/military forces.

[edit] "Joy Can"

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A holographic wish-fulfillment system.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The Venture Compound main building, especially as it is shown in season 3, is a near-perfect replica of the General Motors Futurama pavilion from the 1964 New York World's Fair.[1] That same building is the one pictured at the end of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.
  • In the Season 2 episode I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills, the car Dr. Venture and Orpheus take has "Venture Motors" labelled on the side, indicating that Venture Industries once manufactured automobiles.