Venture Bros. Season 1 DVD

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The Venture Bros.
Season 1
Release Date: May 30, 2006
Discs: 2
Num. of Episodes: 13
Region: 1


[edit] Summary on Box

Dr. Venture is a failed super-scientist living in the shadow of his legendary father. His twins sons Hank and Dean are just two pie-eyed obstacles between him and what's left of his dreams. Their loyal bodyguard, Brock Samson, has his meaty hands full protecting the Ventures from the malevolent Monarch and an endless parade of supervillains, rival scientists, astronauts, mummies, conjoined twins... and the demons within their very own souls.

[edit] Special Features

[edit] Behind the Scenes of the Venture Bros Live Action Movie

[edit] Synopsis

Interviews with your favorite Venture Bros. characters as they prepare for and shoot the Live Action Movie.

[edit] Quotes

"It's like we inherited you. What did you come with, the furniture?" - Doc Hammer to Dr. Venture

[edit] Animating Hank and Dean

[edit] Synopsis

Join Master Billy Quizboy as he narrates a behind-the-scenes journey. Find out all the grueling and mind-numbing work it takes just to animate a few seconds worth of Hank and Dean's star-eyed wonder.

[edit] Box Art


Inside Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz