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"...and these are natural C-cups. Aren’t they beautiful? I mean, you can bounce a penis off these!"
Other Names
Real Name: Tatyana
1st appearance: The Better Man
Voice Artist: H. Jon Benjamin


[edit] Biography

Tatyana is a sorceress, Dr. Orpheus's ex-wife and Triana's mother. She is now married to the Outrider, a persistent, younger necromancer. She has natural C-cups and the ass of a teenager despite being almost 40. In The Better Man Triana decides to go live with her to study sorcery. She is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin because this is the form The Master took to teach Dr. Orpheus another valuable lesson.

[edit] Episode Appearances

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Tatyana bears a resemblance to Veronica Lodge from Archie comics, as well as 50s-era pinup queen Bettie Page.
  • In her actual form she has not spoken, so for the moment we do not know what her real voice sounds like.

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