Princess Tiny Feet

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Princess Tiny Feet

Princess tinyfeet.png

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)
Voice Artist: Sue Gilad


[edit] Biography

Princess Tiny Feet is Sgt. Hatred's estranged wife. She appears to be a stereotypical Native American woman by her manner of dress. Her most remarkable feature, aside from her resemblance to the Land O Lakes Indian maiden, appears to be her exceptionally small feet, which Sgt. Hatred seems to fetishize, possibly because they are the size of feet you'd find on a small boy. She was very quiet, uttering only one word; "Maize", when describing her toes.

She later texted Sgt. Hatred with the message "We need to talk," on his big boy cell phone, which Hatred interpreted as her way to ease into a break-up. The two later separated and she kicked out Hatred and kept their home in Malice. During their separation Hatred often cried over losing her and even wrote a song about it.

Little is known about Princess Tiny Feet. She seems to love growing okra, and it's mentioned that she has a sister. She is also "way, way into" bondage.

The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch later brought her back to Sgt. Hatred, in full bondage, at Hank and Dean's prom. The two seemed to be reunited, but were quickly separated once again after a surprise encounter with Tinyfeet's new lover Scorpio.

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[edit] Fun Facts

  • Her name may be a play on Princess Tinymeat, an little-known Irish band formed in the 80s and still recording. "Princess Tinymeat" was also a nickname for the actor Montgomery Clift.

Further, the word Pedophile is "foot lover" or "Small foot lover" in it's original translation, and may be a wink back to Sgt. Hatred.

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