The Pupae Twins

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The Pupae Twins

Moppet twins.png

"We can just close our eyes while you change..."
Other Names
Real Name: Tim-Tom & Kevin
The Murderous Moppets
1st appearance: Fallen Arches
Voice Artist: Tim-Tom - Christopher McCulloch

Kevin - Doc Hammer

The Fluttering Horde
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
The Revenge Society (possible)

[edit] Biography

The Pupae Twins (formerly The Murderous Moppets) are two pint-sized henchman who worked for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch during her time as Lady Au Pair. The pair are two Achondroplastic dwarfs named Kevin and Tim-Tom. Although they dressed in adorable frilly outfits, they are fierce fighters and lethally capable with knives.

Originally Lady Au Pair, née Sheila, cast off the Moppets because they were "hard to handle". However, while on a break from the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend attempted to become the arch-enemy of the Order of the Triad in her Lady Au Pair persona with Tim-Tom and Kevin by her side.

When the Monarch's henchmen were left alone amidst the rubble of the Floating Cocoon after the battle of Cremation Creek, the Moppets claimed rank over the horde. Their bossiness caused 21 and 24 to resent the moppets and they called Brock Samson for help. The plan backfires and Moppets are friendly with Brock and are soon gathering more friends to help rebuild the Cocoon. This temporarily put at ease the tension between the Moppets and the other henchmen, but it ended quickly when Tim-Tom stabbed 24 after the henchman dumped a celebratory cooler of Gatorade on him.

After the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch moved into Phantom Limb's former home in Malice, the Horde was forced to live in the Cocoon. But because the Moppets had told Dr. Girlfriend that the other henchman were teasing them, she insisted that they be allowed to live with her and the Monarch. Reluctantly agreeing, The Monarch did reject the idea of the dual menaces sleeping in his bedroom in a tiny bed.

While Henchman 21 is looking after Hank during Sgt. Hatred's party, the two wind up spying on the Moppets who are watching Nell while making plans to kill the henchman and the Monarch. Hank and 21 get caught when the Moppets switch to their security camera channel. This lead to a deadly chase through Hatred's hedge maze with the henchmen and the Venture brothers barely escaping with their lives.

The Moppets show up at the opening day of Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers dressed as average boys under orders from the Monarch to spy on Rusty's camp and the compound. Brock recognizes the dwarfs and soon asks for their help in dealing with Dermott, a teen at the camp getting on Brock's nerves, but he calls it off after seeing how over-violent their proposals are. After being called back to the base, when Brock threatens the Monarch with kicking the duo out, the Moppets return home to the arms of their "mum". Dr. Girlfriend congratulates them on a job well done, presumably ruining the Monarch's plans of preemptive arching.

The storming of Dr. Dugong's base was the first time Tim-Tom and Kevin dress as The Pupae Twins.

The twins are utilized again in 21's initial solo arching of Doctor Venture The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider, where they are deployed from the Cocoon as the Pupae twins who then reveal the tiny hench suits the Monarch had promised Dr. Mrs the Monarch he'd have made. However their debut under 21 is called into retreat as Sgt. Hatred arrived at a Catholic Hospital which is Hallowed Ground and thus off-limits.

Phantom Limb implies in Bright Lights, Dean City that they are sleeper agents of his. Their intention is to frame 21 for the assassination of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Unfounded). They were up to something as they had essentially taken over the Cocoon and were running operations behind The Monarchs back. However, as of the end of Season 5 Episode 8, their fate is unknown as 21 has returned from the Venture Compound (with Sgt. Vatred assisting him) and set the henchmen on Tim Tom after revealing that it was the Moppets who were responsible for the death of 24. Kevin's last appearance was him lying to Vatred about 21's betrayal.

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