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"Despite his ethnic handicap...
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Ghosts of the Sargasso
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Team Venture

[edit] Biography

Kano is master of the martial arts and a member of Jonas Venture's original Team Venture. His hands are strong enough to crush a boulder, yet gentle enough to crush a butterfly. His skilled hands also make him very adept at origami, a medium he uses in place of speech. His strength is punctuated by the fact that he never speaks. He is also able to breath fire. This was revealed to be a tie-in to his full name, Vol-Kano.

In spite of his age, Kano is still a fierce combatant. He and the also quite mature Action Man were adequate to take out four of Mike Sorayama's Leslie-bots bare handed.

In flashbacks, he seems to be the one to take care of young Rusty Venture, Jonas' son, which seems like an odd job for someone with his immense strength and talents. He is the equivalent of Sandow and Brock as the personal Venture bodyguard.

During the events of Orb, Kano speaks and reveals that he had taken a vow of silence in mourning for his ultimate betrayal of a great man. This betrayal may be the possible murder, or failure to murder, the late Dr. Jonas Venture, in order to prevent the activation of an artifact of unspeakable power. However, Kano was silent before Jonas died.

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