Astrobase Go!

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The AstroBase is a moon-orbiting space station run by Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick III, and the ubiquitous Soul-Bot (with Mini-Go-Bot.)

In 1976, self-made bazillionaire and acquitted pederast Dr. Daniel Faustus founded the Special Boys Society. A fellowship whose alumni even to this day includes senators, statesmen, and beloved professional actors. In 1982, that same Dr. Daniel Faustus approached NASA with a startling solution to the now abandoned Space Race; build a moon-orbiting classroom manned entirely by young boys. Cared for by an assemblage of nurturing robots, or "soul-bots", these cadets would grow up with a strong respect for the new frontier of space. And as a testament to his bravery, Dr. Daniel Faustus volunteered to go along with these boys to be their only contact to the adult world. NASA wisely labeled the doctor a dangerous crackpot and denied his request.

Undaunted and rich, the good doctor secretly went ahead with his wonderous plans...

In 1985, AstroBase Go! along with AstroBase BMX Dinosaur and AstroBase Ice Cream Ninja, all of which were named by "special" boys, were quietly launched to the less judgemental arms of outer space. What became of the other two space stations is the stuff of rumor and party jokes, but what became of AstroBase Go! is the stuff of legend.

As big as three junior high schools laid end to end, the once gleaming, golden goliath is now completely free of frightened young boys, thanks to parental intervention. Presently, the moon-orbiting facility is rented out monthly to artists, craftspeople, and imagers. The most notable of these tenants are Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the reclusive masterminds behind The Venture Bros.

It is in this space station that the writing of The Venture Bros. takes place, as does most of post-production, and Doc's oil painting.

The AstroBase has a mail drop to Earth in the East Village of Manhattan, New York.